3D Animation of Separate Objects

3D Modeling – now it’s a reality 3D modeling is finally a reality. From now on pomegranates, donuts, champagne, bags, sunglasses, jewelry, flowers, furniture and anything you can imagine – can become alive, through the magic of this technology. Our company has worked hard to create plausible objects that draw the attention of customers and […]


3D Animation for Modern Line Furniture: About Us

Modern Line Furniture: About Us Movie Modern Line Furniture® specializes in creating a modular environment for any commercial setting. Their indoor and outdoor furniture is designed to perform, impress and provide efficiency while maintaining their client’s specific requirements, choices and needs. They have established an ideology of providing exclusive styles in modern contemporary furniture at […]


3D Modeling for Models Coco and Luna

Furniture and 3D modeling how are they compatible? 3D modeling and 3D visualization are frequently used in the furniture industry.  This industry is a perfect example of how a company can catch your eye using these technologies.At first 3D models of Luna and Coco were created and after that their visualization. Modern Line Furniture® knows […]


Model Pasha in Vegas – 3D Visualization & Animation

The Pasha restaurant booths and modern technologies Modern Line Furniture® has extremely unordinary designs of the furniture. We are proud to help them to promote their business. Their designs are innovative that’s why the presentation of their products should neither be any less innovative nor any less modern. The quality is a top priority for […]


3D Animation of Freezer

How does an industrial freezer work? Fortunately, 3D Animation can help us to find out. We can watch the mechanism itself and also learn how it works. A 3D model of the machine gives us a perfect view of what an industrial freezer really looks like. After the 3D Animation you can actually watch the […]


3D Animation of Bed-couch

View the color of your couch before buying FDS-IT team creates objects using 3D modeling, 3D Visualization and 3D Animation. Watch a model of the sofa fold and unfold itself. This is only possible with 3D Animation. There is also an option to change the color of the sofa after you finish the video, simply […]


3D Modeling of Transformer couch

Couch and 3D modeling how are they compatible? Imagine that you want to buy a couch, but you are not sure which one do you want or if you know it’s still hard to imagine it because you are not in the store. You are choosing it online and you want to know maximum information […]


3D Animation of Couch for Modern Line Furniture

Check all possible models of the couch before buying it Our team of professionals created 3D Animation for customers to have a perfect idea of how this couch will look in real life. Changes in the model and color will give them an idea of how it’s going to suit the interior of their business […]


3D Animation of “Soleil”

Live model of your dream sofa Nowadays you can see a 3D model of your future sofa just to make sure that it is the one. At first we, FDS-IT team, discussed the plan of the project with Modern Line Furniture, after that we suggested several ideas and designs of how the project will look. […]


3D Animation of model “Viena”

Everything is possible with 3D modeling Before making a final decision about whether you are going to purchase this sofa or not, you can check how it’s actually going to look through the Internet. You may ask: ”How is that possible?” If you did, our FDS-IT team would reply that everything is possible with 3D […]