Introducing Influencer Marketing

Introducing Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is gaining prominence these days. The fundamental contrast between influencer marketing and popular big-name support is that influencers don’t need to be a customary VIP, it doesn’t require conventional news sources, and it involves a coordinated effort between the brand and influencers. All in all, how does influencer showcasing work, and is it […]


Essential Tips To Get Users Install Your Mobile Application

Ask any entrepreneur, and they’ll tell you that structuring and building up the app is really simple. The difficult job is to motivate individuals to install and use the app. At FDS Consulting Inc we have already acquired the necessary expertise and experience to make your mobile app to be used and sought after when […]


Tips For E-Commerce Website Holiday Pictures That Convert

Buyers are ready to spend more than a hundred billion dollars on shopping during November and December holidays. Correct pictures will enhance your customer retention rates, SEO functionality, and high responsiveness when dealing with holiday shoppers. Here are useful tips for utilizing ideal pictures. Use pictures that heap rapidly on your web-based business site. Load […]


3 Ideas You Can Quickly Implement For Your Website To Get More New Visitors

Managing a website is an immense responsibility, from the time and funds set aside to make a wonderful webpage to the regular updates to make it latest and have relevant content. Here are three things you can instantly do to get more from your site: Blog I’m confident at this point you’re burnt out on […]

Essential Tips For User-Friendly Online Forms For Websites

Essential Tips for User-friendly online forms for websites

Nowadays, most websites come with one or more forms that site visitors can fill out. They are usually used to contact the business; sign up for emails, newsletters or magazines; order for products and services; take a survey; register to use the site, and lots more. Visitors often reject forms they find unnecessary, too long, […]


Common Safety Concerns for your Website

WordPress has become one of the biggest blogging platforms making it also vulnerable to cyber-attacks, hence, the need to keep your website safe. At FDS, we understand how important it is for your site to be secure and we have systems in place that inform our clients of any potential security issues.  We present to […]


Web Design: Stock Photos or Photography?

One of the many decisions you have to make while developing a new website for your business is choosing the right photos to display on your site. Good quality imagery on your website in addition to the copy adds to what influences visitors to either stay further on your website find what they are looking […]


Content Marketing: A Perfect Way To Grow Your Business

Technology has made it easier to reach customers online through Digital marketing which is essential for any company that wants to connect with its potential clients. There exist many forms of digital marketing with Paid advertising typically being a prevalent form of digital marketing. Paid adverts can be achieved using paid search, social media, email […]


IoT’s Effect on Mobile App Development

IoT (Internet of Things) is seeping into our everyday lives. Smart TVs, home appliances and smart watches all connect to a central network that makes our lives easier. One challenge in this domain is to make all these connected devices to interact smartly with one another seamlessly so they can understand the commands. In comes […]


Social Media Facts Every SEO Company Should Know About

In the world of an SEO Company, it is extremely valuable to learn the right way to approach social media marketing. Check out these facts on social media to help you get started:   Sizable Audience -The population is 7.6 Billion and about 51% of all the global population uses the Internet -Social media networks […]


Grow your Businesses with an Ecommerce Website

If you want to grow your business, then you need an impeccable website. To get an engaging website, you need to contact an Ecommerce development firm, who have years of experience in the field. So every business owner is looking for the help of the Ecommerce website to improve the span of their business. Begin […]


5 Musts for Mobile Web Design

Today, websites are viewed more on mobile phones than desktop computers. Here are 5 musts that every mobile web design needs to improve user experience on mobile devices. 1. Big Text If your site is not designed properly, people will abandon it. A good rule of thumb is to make the text on your mobile […]