With more than 123 million websites on the internet, you must sometimes wonder if creating a website for your business is a smart choice. As a matter of fact, this is the only way to compete with other marketing companies. There are more than 3 billion internet users in the United States alone, imagine in all over the world. Statistics don’t lie; therefore, it’s safe to say that the internet is the largest marketplace in the world.

            The impending question here is, how do you compete with the “great white sharks” of the internet?  The answer is simple, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but SEO marketing is not that straightforward. You just don’t include keywords on your website, and everybody comes knocking on the door of your ecommerce website. You need a strategy, you a need a plan. While we don’t have the workforce of some NYC SEO companies like Long Island SEO Company, we have information on how you can make search engines like Google and Bing, work for you. What’s more, the access our information is completely free. Here are simple seven steps to make your website come out on top in search engine marketing:

  • Build your site on and around one single topic. You may include other things but choose one keyword that’s most critical to your goal.
  • Avoid using competitive keywords. “Competitive” here is referring to those words that many websites are trying to use to get on the first page of google search.
  • Ensure you use keywords in critical areas on your website. For example, the tagline, the domain name, titles of pages, and categories, just to name few.
  • Extradite non-essential images, plugins, graphics, or any other unnecessary items that can prolong a page load time. People easily get tired of annoyingly slow web pages.
  • Always keep your website updated because flexible and lively websites get higher ratings than sites with statically boring
  • Try partnering with other websites by allowing them to link directly to your and vice-versa. Even though this may take a lot negotiation, it’s worth it. A way to start is by posting on other pages and blogs as a guest.
  • Maintain one domain name. The truth is, the longer your URL has existed, the better. Older URLs appear higher on SEO ranking.

There you have it! Simple seven steps to kick-start your online presence. Need more info about tech? Check out this link: https://fds-it.com/portfolio/olga-banartsev