For many web and app designers, before embarking a project, the common question is always should I use an adaptive design or responsive design? While the differences between these two design approaches may not be clear-cut for young designers, it’s apparent for the experienced ones. With an array of mobile gadgets, every web design agency must take the several diverse screen sizes into consideration. This diversity is a current major headache for many website development companies.

Today, users access the internet through multiple devices, from a smartwatch to a giant monitor screen. Thus, any web design company and development always look to fill the missing dots between devices using either the adaptive or the responsive site. Even though for custom web design, this is usually not a request made by clients, most professional website designers always consider webpage auto-adaptation because it suits the need of consumers the most.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Responsive design

Responsive Web Design (RWB) allows web pages to adapt to any screen size. There are several reasons for you to choose Responsive Design style for your business website design: Responsive design is not complicated. Its fluidity means users will have access your online platform on any device. Furthermore, for RWB, changing the size of your browser prompts an auto-fitting of the content of the page to the current window size.

The main downside is RWB requires a high level of professional skills and knowledge to be executed; therefore, it may be cost-intensive.  

Advantages and Disadvantages of Adaptive Web Design (AWD)

Rather than depending on auto-fitting of web pages to the screen, AWD offers multiple layouts based on the six most popular screen widths. Some of the most coveted websites have already adopted AWD for their web pages including USA Today, Amazon, and Apple. Such a decision doesn’t come as a surprise to many designers because AWD allows you to choose different optimized layouts for your mobile and computer screens. The only problem with AWD is in cases where the device of access is not a computer or mobile phone; it will be difficult for the user to enjoy the full functionality of the page.

In summary, choosing the style of design depends on the range of devices that you want your online visitors to be able to use to get access to your website.

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