Before diving in, let’s peddle back a little, and define the subject of the topic. For those that don’t know, an e-commerce website or platform is, largely, a software that gives online businesses plenty options to manage their operations, sales, and website as a whole. In other words, choosing an e-commerce platform might just be the most important decision you will make as regarding your online business. Therefore, it’s only fitting that we assist you in making choice, and here are some of the best e-commerce platforms for proposed or new online businesses:

  1. Shopify: As one of the largest online marketing companies hosting services provider, Shopify has well over 300,000 stores on its clientele list. In terms of features, more than 100 web design themes for stores and nothing less than 1, 500 extension and plugins. Shopify also gives you direct access to Facebook marketing and creates an interactive platform that allows store owners, allowing them to link up with mobile app development companies, so as to aid the development of sellers’ app. Finally, getting all the help you need as a newbie is easy because Shopify provides a 24/7 customer support service. Overall, it’s good for starters.  
  2. OpenCart: Largely known for being a free and an open-source platform, but there’s more to OpenCart than just being “Free.” OpenCart is good for SEO marketing because of its incorporated search engine optimization option. It offers more than 12,000 free and paid e-commerce website designs templates and extensions while also allowing code-conscious individuals to meddle further with the source code. A new internet marketing company or individual would benefit from OpenCart’s easy to use online management option for orders, customers, products, and coupon.
  3. Magento: Described by users as the most as versatile and powerful, Magento is, like OpenCart, an open source e-commerce application that allows you to personalize your e-commerce website to the letter. This flexible feature makes it a great choice for large and medium-sized marketing activities.

There you have it, three of the best of the bests. As an icing, the cake, the FDS Consulting Inc. team is more than capable of designing your business website for you on Shopify and OpenCart. For more information, visit