Welcome to FDS IT! We are a creative digital design agency based in New York at the core of modern technology, art and media.

We partner with brands to bring ideas to life, specializing in graphic design, branding, website design & development, 3D modeling, 3D visualization and 3D animation. We study the market, analyze the competition, define tools and implement solutions thereby designing and developing gorgeous user interactive platforms, it could be a website, an app, a touchscreen, a projection, a virtual world, deploying integrated marketing campaign to engage audiences and drive results — we’re limited only by imagination and coffee abundance!

We engage more prospects and bring more visitors to your site by improving your ranking in search engines then we help transform those visitors into customers by improving your sites usability.

Whether you want to sell on the web, promote products, or build a community around your online brand, we have you covered. The perfect user experience. One of the top digital agencies, our clients are always glad to work with us because we deliver.

The software we build is easy to use. Yes, technology should be simple and attractive means of making your business more intelligent, efficient and ultimately more profitable. The goals of our client are brought to life through a gorgeous digital strategy incorporating graphic design, marketing, SEO, PPC advertising and website development that gets measurable results.

Our designs definitely create a consumer experience that places innovation, creativity, security and design at the center of business.

 If you’d like to book a consultation or request our full portfolio, don’t hesitate to contact us here.