What do I need to increase my traffic? How do I make customers come back? If you have an e-commerce website and ask these questions over and over again, then you are in the right place. Our team is ready to share some tips with you. Why? Because FDS-IT, as a web development company, has had hundreds of projects where we’ve created original websites, we have proven statistics that help us manage and release these projects successfully.


Creative web design will surely attract more customers, but will it make them stay if it’s to complex? The interface should be user-friendly and intuitive. Nobody wants to waste their time trying to find a button in your beautiful design, we want to have easy shopping.

Responsive design

We believe that you want your original e-commerce website design to display perfectly across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. The solution is easy: use responsive design.


Of course, web development is a complex process, but you shouldn’t focus only on it and design, pay attention to security. When your customers provide you with their personal information, and especially payment information, they expect it to stay private and protected. One of the solutions is to use an SSL certificate.


In order to increase your traffic you need to utilize seo marketing and other marketing techniques. You can reach your target audience.


Statistics show that 40% of users will move to another website if your website doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Make sure that your website performs fast, loads quickly, has no glitches etc.

In order to understand what will work for you, set a primary goal, define your target audience and then you will be able to define the main features that you want to implement.