Nowadays, most websites come with one or more forms that site visitors can fill out. They are usually used to contact the business; sign up for emails, newsletters or magazines; order for products and services; take a survey; register to use the site, and lots more. Visitors often reject forms they find unnecessary, too long, too complicated, too intrusive, or just unattractive. At FDS, we have expertise that strikes a middle ground where visitors willingly complete forms and our clients’ companies get all the useful information they need. Here are a few tips on how to achieve that.

Minimize the number of form fields

A straightforward way to get more people to fill your forms is to reduce the number of fields that people have to fill out to complete the form. A reduction from 11 fields to 4 can result in 160 percent more form completions. Choose the necessary information you need to have from the visitor to accomplish your goals for the form then get rid of everything else.


Merge form fields where possible within your web design

Create your website in such a way that you use fewer form fields to get information. A practical example is to ask for the visitor’s full name in one box instead of using one for their first name and another for their last name.

Design single columns for your form fiels

You can speed up form completion by using a single column for form even though it makes the form look longer. It also makes it less confusing to complete as it requires shorter time-consuming eye movements to read.

Limit the characters the user needs to complete the form

By limiting the amount of typing the user has to do to complete the form many people can complete forms better. You can achieve this by prefilling as many of the form fields as possible or giving them options of possible answers to select.

Other tips to consider include:

  • Notify users of errors immediately they occur while filling the form, not while trying to submit the form.
  • Begin with the easy questions like name, number, etc. first.
  • Design your website to provide field focus, especially for mobile users.


If you need help with developing or maintenance of your website, at FDS we already acquired valuable experience and expertise to give you the best quality. Check out our services.