Of course FDS-IT as a web development and mobile app development company couldn’t miss the iPhone event. New Apple Watch models and a whole range of new iPhones were presented on the 12th of September. We can try new features that were implemented into those models. We also believe that these technologies will influence mobile app development. Today FDS-IT team decided to focus on the features of iPhone 8.

  • What has changed in the design?

The design became more modern, attractive and original. There is glass in the front and in the back of iPhone 8. You can think that now your new phone is going to be even more fragile, but Apple emphasizes that it’s very firm and reliable. There are new features implemented such as water and dust resistance.

  • What about the display?

All colors look more real and natural due to new technologies and Retina HD display.

  • How did the camera features change?

The camera now became even better, iPhone 8 will provide you with 12 MP and new color filters. Meanwhile the front camera has 7 MP, so you can make high quality selfies.

  • What IOS is running on iPhone 8?

On iPhone 8 there is IOS 11, the most secure and fast operating system in the world.

  • How can I charge my new iPhone 8?

Today you can charge your iPhone 8 wirelessly. How? Just set your phone on an AirPower mat and within 30 minutes it’s going to be 50% charged. Now it’s much easier you do need to have a wire, moreover, you can charge your phone and Apple Watch at the same time. How do you like that?

  • Are there any modern technologies?

Hardware and software were developed to integrate with Augmented reality. Now with the help of this platform everything looks even more real.

FDS-IT will follow new technologies and focus on mobile app development, so you can enjoy our apps on your new iPhones.