3D Animation surrounds us from all sides. This technique is already implemented on some websites in order to attract customers. Besides that we can see 3D Animation in video games, animated films and even most live action movies. Today FDS-IT team wants to share some fun facts about 3D Animation.

One should admit that by now we don’t always pay attention when we see 3D Animation. This is because it is not something completely new and ground breaking. As a matter of fact the first film where this technique was used is dated back to 1982 and called “Tron”. The first full-length 3D animated movie didn’t make us wait too long, in 1995 the first 3D animated movie “Toy Story” was released. It was very successful and became very popular that’s why sequels were released in 1999 and 2010.

Some experts consider that 3D Animation began long ago in ancient history. In 1600 BC in Egypt there was an installation of 110 columns with painted goddesses that created the illusion of motion from one to the next. Similarly, in ancient Greece there were pots that had characters depicted in motion, so when you spin the pot they move.

These were facts about 3D Animation and where we can see it and where it came from. Our team as a website company provides 3d visualization services, 3d animation services,

3d modeling services and other services. We have the expertise and will to give your website the customized 3D animation it needs. Let the rich history of 3D animation work for you. We can make your dream move.