We all want our customers to feel welcome to our websites, we want them to come and increase our profit. We are all looking for our own style. FDS-IT team is ready to share key points of converting your website. We have plenty of experience in web and mobile app development, 3d visualization services, 3d animation services, 3d modeling services etc.

  • Valuable information

All valuable and important information should be in the front pages, it should be noticeable. You can use internal links for other pages in order to provide your customers with more information.

  • Visualization is a priority

A lot of people are more interested in, or attracted to, images than content itself. It’s a well-known fact that a depiction of happy people in the website subconsciously make your customers think that the quality of your products is good and will make them happy too.

  • Mobile app development – what do your customers expect?

The design of your website and mobile app should be the same, it should be clear to your customers that they belong to one company. A lot of people nowadays prefer to use their smartphones instead of PCs, so the app should run fast and properly.

  • How do colors relate?

The theory of colors will show you how colors are related for different purposes. You can attract your customers, draw their attention to something, warn them etc.

  • Interface

The interface of the website should be user friendly, customers should subconsciously understand the functions of the website. You can achieve this with icons that depict their functions. Quite often we can notice icons of shopping carts, credit cards or envelopes.

FDS-IT team hopes that these key points will help to make your website even more successful.