SEO, Search Engine Optimization, brings a great impact to your website optimization. Proper techniques, unique information, user-friendly interface etc. influence your website ranking on search engines. FDS-IT decided to share some magic tricks that will help your website to gain popularity and increase traffic with seo optimization.

  • Attract with your interface

Besides having a creative web design, the interface should be user-friendly. Navigation should be easy and intuitive. One of the core rules is that any information on your website can be reached within 3 clicks.

  • Content still matters

Content is very valuable today. That’s why at first the target audience should be picked, and you should focus on them. You should make a list of key words and use them in your content, title tag, meta-description, ALT attributes for images etc. Information should be new and interesting. Important information should be highlighted (bold, italic, bullets), titles and subtitles. Make your content memorable, use images and real-life examples. Avoid duplicated content, in case it’s inevitable use the canonical tag to mark the original page.

  • Use links

Your users can interact with the website more if there are internal links. As for link building, implement links only from trusted websites. Present your website in social media, so people can share and find out about your existence.

  • Judging by URL

Use 1 key word for the URL address, make sure it’s descriptive. Use dashes intend of underscores, as Google reads all words via underscores as one word. Use a static URL instead of a dynamic one.

FDS-IT team is a web company with years of experience in web development, we will gladly assist you and bring your website to the top in search engines.