A business card is not a new invention, however it continues to be a simple way of making a personal connection. It’s not something new, but the design of it can be quite creative and innovative. FDS-IT team specializes in web development, mobile app development, creative web designs and SEO optimization and we think that business cards create a great connection between reality and online presence. Let’s talk about how to remain creative while designing your business cards.

  • The content

Imagine that you got a business card that is full of references to different social pages. What would you think about it? The impression you might get would be that it’s too many links and the question will remain whether this whole list of links is necessary. FDS-IT team recommends not to list all of the things that represent your company.

  • Reference

It’s not necessary to refer a person to the homepage of your website. Your purpose is to get this person interested by providing original and meaningful information. So feel free to mention your blog or any other informative page other than your landing page.

  • Visual aspect

You can attract the recipient of the business card with the design of it. Make it original and unique, so the reader gets intrigued and curious. If you have a creative logo or unusual work that you’ve done, it can be represented on your business card.

  • Follow modern technologies

You can show recipients that you follow modern technologies by depicting QR codes that will lead to your website. Make sure that you trust this to a team of professionals. FDS-IT team is a web company that will gladly assist you in creating a QR code for your website.

Nowadays a business card is a bridge between real life and the online world.