Different publishing platforms like WordPress are getting hacked all the time. Just think about whether your professional website has strong website security. Not sure? Learn how to make your website security even stronger.

Why can my website get hacked?

Hackers are interested in servers in which you host your professional website. Via your website they can get into that server and flood people with spam emails. Because of this servers get into blacklists and next time you send messages they will get into junk folders.

Can my personal information be stolen?

It can, unless you take some security measures in order to avoid such situations. So what you can do is:

  • Have a secure password in such platforms, it should include at least 1 capital letter, special characters, at least 1 number, no complete words or personal information;
  • Create a secure user name, please never use default ones, you just make hackers’ lives easier;
  • Stop sharing information connected with your passwords and usernames via emails, texts, messengers;
  • It’s better to keep your passwords and usernames either written down on a paper or in a document in your computer.

What else can I do?

You need to keep your website updated according to the changes in your platforms. In case you don’t do so, then there will be security holes, and it gets much easier to get information. Also, trust professionals like FDS-IT, so they can keep your website updated, make all of the necessary changes and do their best to prevent any unauthorized access.

For FDS-IT, a web development company, safety is priority №1. Web development is a complex process, however, we use modern technologies and special tools in order to provide our customer with secure and high-quality products.