Nowadays the majority of people have smartphones and we use them to get different services to communicate, play, shop, read, listen to music etc. Having an app is a must so your customers can reach you easily, because of this you need to ensure modern and high-quality mobile app development. FDS-IT team would like to share some of the top mobile app development trends of this year.

  • Small business gets in

This year is a breakthrough through for small business, as owners realize that it’s time to be out there in Google Play Market and App Store. It’s time for their customers to simplify their lives and reach their services faster.

  • Security is our everything

You can show your customers that you are trustworthy by making your app secure. How? Data protection, secure login and secure connection. Your customers should be sure that the information they provide stays private. Protect your customers’ privacy.

  • Android instant apps

Give your customers the opportunity to use your app without installation. All they need is high-speed internet.

  • Augmented reality

Augmented reality has been gaining popularity. Virtual images attract customers more and more. There are such fields of use as GPS, marketing, education and more.

  • Swift is in

Swift programming language for IOS platforms is getting more popular and overcoming Perl and JavaScript. Today programmers prefer to use Swift for a number of reasons.

  • Payment methods

New payment methods were introduced this year. Instead of PayPal, credit and debit cards now you have an opportunity to pay via Google, Microsoft Wallets, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

In conclusion, we see only a bright future for mobile app development. Everyday there are new technologies coming.