QR (Quick Request) codes represent the beginning of a new generation for online marketing. You’ve already tried it yourself, you scan the code and you get access to the purchase, ticket, sale or any other information that is encrypted in the code. All your customers need is software and a camera in their devices. All that you need to do is to find the best digital agency, get their services so they can assist you, you will get an account in the system and be provided with QR-codes and all that is left is to activate your QR-codes. FDS-IT is a web company that provides web development, mobile app development, seo marketing and 3d modeling services.  They also will help you to generate QR-codes for your company.

FDS-IT and QR-codes – services that you will get:

  • You can manage QR-codes in your account;
  • You can also change the information in your QR-codes without changing QR-codes themselves;
  • You can get statistics about how many times the code was scanned and with what devices;
  • You are also provided with technical support;
  • You can interact with your customers.

Our team of professionals will recommend you the best places to locate your QR-codes, so they are noticeable and attract your potential customers.

Nowadays you can get special stickers for social media, so QR-codes will contain the information about your company and the link to social medias.

Also, besides a regular, plain black and white QR-codes we, at FDS-IT, provide our customers with VIP QR-codes, which means that your QR-codes can be colorful and even include your logo. According to our experience, we’ve noticed that customers are more attracted to such codes because they are very unique and creative.