Both PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search engine optimization) strategies can bring your website to the front page in search engines. However, the question remains which one to choose. Our web development company will gladly assist with the entirety of your internet marketing campaign. Here is a list of question that our customers frequently ask us.


Is PPC or SEO more affordable?

With PPC you pay every time your ad is clicked on the search engine. On the other hand, with SEO you don’t pay for any clicks, but you should choose to pay a website optimization company, so that your website gets a higher ranking.


Can it bring me traffic right away?

PPC gives you the opportunity to start and get more traffic right away, as soon as the search engine approves your ad. Meanwhile, with SEO you can wait several weeks/months until it gets a higher ranking.


Can I make changes to see how I get the best results?

PPC allows you to change your key words, descriptions, titles etc. frequently, so you can see which configuration gets more customers. With SEO you can make changes too, but it will take more time to analyze the results.


What do I need in order to use PPC or SEO?

In order for search engines to approve your ad you need to have a high quality landing page and a high click through rate. Also, the amount of bid you are going to pay per click matters. At the same time for SEO, you need to have good web development, valuable content, creative web design, frequent updates of the information etc.


Which one does FDS-IT recommend to choose?

We as a web marketing company always tell our customers that it depends on their goals and budget. Sometimes we combine both of these technologies as you can get additional traffic, it’s more effective, predictable, reliable and, of course, profitable.