In the world of an SEO Company, it is extremely valuable to learn the right way to approach social media marketing. Check out these facts on social media to help you get started:


  1. Sizable Audience

-The population is 7.6 Billion and about 51% of all the global population uses the Internet

-Social media networks generated $8.3 Billion in 2015. And $40 billion in 2016.


  1. Facebook

-With Facebook ads, businesses can target specific audiences.

-Optimal times to post: 3pm on Wednesdays and from 1-4pm on Thursdays and Fridays


  1. Twitter

-92% of all the interactions users have on Twitter comes from clicking on links.

-Believe it or not, tweets with hashtags do not perform any better on twitter than tweets without tags


  1. #Instagram

-75% of all Instagram users follow up with the links by the brands

-Unlike twitter, hashtags make a big impact on Instagram.


  1. Snapchat

-The average attention span of an adult is 8 seconds.

-Snapchat ads captured the attention of the audience twice as well as Facebook ads


  1. Visual Content is better, every time!

– 90% of consumers prefer visual content such as videos and images over written content


  1. SEO

-Google adwords is a revolutionary tool allowing businesses to personalize their ads


  1. Engage with your customers

-Businesses that help resolve issues with customers on social media see consumers spending more.


Hopefully the social media facts above can help any growing SEO company succeed.