Social media marketing refers to the act of gaining website attention or traffic through several media sites. It requires creating eye catching contents that make the users spread it amongst the social networks and hence increase publication. The shares of the content in social networking sites such as twitter, instagram, facebook, etc. result in electronic word of mouth in a small span of time.

There are strategies required in social media marketing for amplifying the publication.

The active approach includes targeting a definitive audience with influential figures in social media. This is known as hypertargeting which is used in many social networking sites allowing better communication with the audience. Many eminent personalities such as the president of the U.S.A. and as well as India and CEOs of many popular companies such as MC Donald’s etc. blog on a regular basis urging people to share their views and communicate. This ensures active social media marketing.

The passive approach involves relations of social media in market information. Many companies publicize their products via the social networking sites as it is an inexpensive and fast source of marketing as well as tracking their probable problems and eventually solving them. The recent iPhone6 related controversy where the social media burst with pictures and videos stating that the phone might bend just by the hand took a toll among all the awaiting customers, Apply cleared the confusion saying that it was least probable and very rare incident. Thus the social media marketing proved to be beneficial and easily eliminated a potent problem.

Social media marketing has many aspects and is useful to both the companies as well as the customers: it provides accurate information for enthusiasts, makes the reviews and queries accessible to the companies establishing a connection. Hence, not mere publicity social media marketing serves a much greater purpose.