When building websites back in the 90’s, we had to build every page from scratch. If something changed for one page, we had to make the change on every page. For larger sites, this was a nightmare. Maintenance was tedious and almost impossible to do by yourself. If you decided you wanted to change the design of your site, you basically had to throw out the old site and build a new one. Those companies that could keep web developers on retainer or fully employed, were subjected to the high cost of employing specialty skilled labor. As some technologies improved higher end programing made it easier to user certain pages across several pages of the site. This made maintenance easier, but you still had to have high skilled labor to make the changes. Some time in the early 2000’s we began to see Content Management Systems (CMS’) pop up. They were graphical interfaces that would allow non-website programmers get into their website and make changes to text and images. This was huge!