Nowadays 2D Modeling has been falling out of use more and more in the architectural world. Why is this so? Because experts everywhere are recognizing the power and potential of implementing 3D modeling.

There are many advantages of 3D modeling:

  • You get more vivid and accurate images of the project;
  • Projects that were made via 3D modeling are easier to remodel and change than those that were made via 2D;
  • They take less time to make because with 3D modeling the designer works on one representation while with 2D modeling he needs to make different representations from different perspectives;
  • It costs less than 2D modeling;
  • Customers can see the object in the actual dimensions because while working on a 3D model the designer takes into consideration actual sizes and distance in relation to one another;
  • Objects in 3D modeling closely mirror their real life counterparts;
  • in 3D modeling you can see the alterations that were implemented right away;
  • in 2D as you have several representations of one objects but from different perspectives inconsistencies can easily arise, while in 3D you work on one model, so such mistakes are impossible;
  • 3D designs require less instructions, as you need only provide a designer with a picture and he will find out what is expected from him.

3D designs allow you to see what you wouldn’t see in 2D. 3D modeling allows you to bring different objects like furniture, houses, office rooms and so much more to reality. Your customers will be happy to have an opportunity to see these objects in real life. FDS-IT team of professionals will gladly assist you with this objective.