From an application that helps manage passwords to software that shows you locations of constellations and stars, you might think you have seen it all 2017 but hold your horses. 2017 might have seen the best mobile app revamps in decades, but let’s ease you into the some of the mobile app development movement of 2018.

  • From internal memory to cloud: In 2018, a sundry of mobile applications will have a direct link to cloud, and this will, definitely, change the smartphone business forever. Such apps will get data directly from cloud and will also run on cloud memory, thus reducing the demand on internal memory.
  • An even better-augmented reality (AR): it might have been a fantastic year for search engine optimization companies and web design companies, but they aren’t the only one to have a good year. AR has seen great success this year but might have been mostly limited to games like Pokémon go. 2018 promises a more realistic feel to AR, taking it beyond the boundaries of “fun” into life sciences and product marketing.
  • Mobile web pages will load faster: this particular update from web development companies doesn’t just increase the loading time of mobile pages, it also offers isolated search engine index. So, start getting excited about faster browsing in 2018!
  • A further expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT): Every ecommerce website, across all the different domains, has experienced a measure of success in 2017 due to the interlink between physical devices. Nevertheless, IoT holds a lot of promises and influence on the app development world in 2018, having more impact on our day to day living.
  • A leap of wearable applications: 2017 has been the year for Google, Apple, and Samsung smartwatches, monitoring our vitals during workouts and managing our smartphone data in an even “smarter” way. Yet, there are still more smartphone users than smartwatch users in the world. This year has been all about the continuous rise of wearable apps usage. With mobile app developers planning to introduce more groundbreaking apps, like in healthcare, on wearable devices in 2018, we are confident that the rise of in popularity of wearable apps will continue.

In summary, if you don’t have a smartphone yet, which is very unlikely, get one. If you don’t have a smart wristwatch, purchase one before this coming year. You shouldn’t miss out on the massive revolution that 2018 has to offer!