Why do you need to do that? Because you want to meet their expectations, you want to provide them with the necessary workspace and tools, so they get more creative and gladly bring more profit to your company. FDS-IT as a web development company always follows modern technologies and innovations. Today we will discuss Microsoft 365. What? Why? How? Yes, yes, keep reading and we will let you know.

What is Microsoft 365 for?

  • To bring a culture of innovation to Firstline employees by providing them with useful tools.
  • To let your workers bring their ambitions to life.
  • To help your employees activate their potential.
  • To give an intuitive, immersive and empowering experience.
  • To empower every worker with technology.
  • To minimize cost and extend security.

What is included in the subscription plan?

  • Apps like Word, Excel, Power Point, One Note etc.
  • Sharepoint in order to share the best practices across the company.
  • Microsoft Stream to train employees.
  • Microsoft StaffHub to digitize the business process.
  • Microsoft Power Apps to automate everyday activities.
  • Microsoft Teams that is the hub for teamwork.
  • Additional 20 GB to free 7GB in SkyDrive space.
  • License for Windows 10 Enterprise.
  • Enterprise Mobility + Security.

How much does the subscription plan cost?

You will pay $99.99 a year or $9.99 a month.

We think that this is a significant step to innovations by brining high-quality tools to Firstline workers. We should admit that Firstline employees are the majority, so why not give them the opportunity to automate their everyday work and make something more important and creative. Every employer should take care of the people he/she hired and help them to release their potential.