Every year comes with its own ‘trends’. When you think you’ve seen it all, innovation runs its course, and we already have a lot to catch up. The digital market is no different, and many marketing companies could be sidelined due to the inability to evolve. In that same vein, here are the things to expect in digital marketing this year:
The fall of influence marketing: Seeing the faces of the so-called influencers behind the “digital camera” is quite common these days. While every internet marketing company has been pumping millions into this form of marketing, the numbers aren’t adding up for them. So, it’s expected that there will be a massive shift from digital marketing to a much non-capital intensive grassroots original promotions.
War on Pop-Ups: Yes, it’s the same pop-ups you know. Over the years, pop-ups have become somewhat infamous with users. While everyone wants a free website for reading and streaming, they also don’t want anything to interfere with their interaction with the interface. Thus, the end consumers are hell-bent on blocking pop-ups, and with every browser, including google chrome having the block “pop-ups option,” every web company might start losing their main source of income very fast and very soon.
Social Media-Augmented Reality (AR) merger: 2017 saw the augmented reality technology enter a new height with Pokemon go. Seeing the potential of AR, brands like Apple are investing more in augmented reality apps. 2018 will likely witness the integration the social media with AR as big brands look for a better way to interact with consumers.
Quality will rule: This is particularly common with blogs due to SEO marketing and SEO optimization. Currently, lots of marketers focus on quantity because huge content means more, keywords, viewers, and patronizers. However, a decline in the quantity-content market is expected as more consumers now seek quality due to bad experiences with getting info from the former.
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