As a website company, FDS-IT provides different types of advertising including search and display advertising. Our team of professionals has years of experience and this article will be based on our experience, projects and analysis.

  • What is search engine advertising?

You’ve probably already heard the abbreviation PPC which means Pay-Per-Click advertising, so this is what search engine advertising is. You bid for key words and when people enter these exact phrases they will see your ads. With the help of the feature in PPC your ads can see only potential customers in the particular area. Let them see your ads, increase your traffic and profit easily.

  • What is display advertising?

You see examples of display advertising every day, you just didn’t know their name until today. Display advertising is those banner ads that you see on almost every website that you visit. They are displayed to the target audience while they are surfing the Internet. What’s their purpose? Their purpose is to remind customers about the particular business and of course make them visit the website. Present your brand as much as possible, remind customers.

  • How do search engine and display advertising supplement each other?

You will get there when you use multiple forms of media. Clicking your ad via search engine advertisement isn’t necessarily leading to a purchase, however, you can push your customer to do so with the help of display advertisement.

So the answer for the question what works better for you is that search and display advertising work best together. They embrace the maximum of both aspects and work together as a perfect match.