FDS-IT is a website company and we have many years of experience working with different projects and new technologies. Today we will discuss and compare features of the new iPhones, check the new technologies and try to decide which one is better.

  • What is the design?

Both models have a glass back. As for the variety of available colors there are Space Grey and Silver, also the iPhone 8 can be Gold. Both of the models are dust and water resistant.

  • Which display is better?

iPhone X has a 5.8-inch screen-filled front with front camera. While iPhone 8 has 4.7-inch screen and large bezels above and below the display.

  • What about security?

Iphone 8 is supplied with Touch ID fingerprint scanner built into the Home button. iPhone X has a main security feature that is facial recognition Face ID.

  • What software are they running?

Both iPhone 8 and iPhone X run iOS 11.

  • How powerful are cameras and batteries?

iPhone X has a 12 MP dual-lens camera that is incorporating an angle and telephoto lens and iPhone 8 has a 12 MP single-lens camera. Both iPhones are supplied with 7MP front cameras, however the iPhone X has extra skills.

As for the power iPhone X lasts 2 hours longer than iPhone 7, at the same time iPhone 8 lasts just the same as iPhone 7. Also with the help of the glass back now we can charge our new devices wirelessly.

  • How much are iPhones?

You will have to pay $999 for iPhone X for 64 GB and $1149 for 256 GB. iPhone 8 is more affordable, you can purchase an iPhone 8 for $699 for 64 GB and for $849 you can get an iPhone 8 with 256 GB.

IPhone 8 has already been released and iPhone X will be released on the 3rd of November though it makes people even more curious about this brand new model that is full of new technologies. Everybody is eager to see and to check Face ID, cameras and new design.