Why do you need an ideal homepage?

An ideal homepage should inform your returning or prospective customers in 3-5 seconds about your products or services. Keep in mind: 3-5 seconds is not much, but that’s the time that users scan your page and decide whether to stay on it or go to the next Google search result.

If you own an online shop, then your homepage should visualize the new arrivals or most popular products. Nevertheless, try not to focus on more than 2-3 core tasks on your homepage. In this way, customers can more easily identify if the website meets their needs and they will not have the feeling of cognitive overload. Make sure primary information is well represented.

Homepages are the most big-ticket real estate in the world. The companies and individuals spend millions of dollars on the home page improvements annually. A homepage is the company’s face to the world. Increasingly, potential customers will look at your company’s online presence before doing business with you — regardless of whether they plan to close the actual sale online.

The homepage is the most important page on the website, as it is the first page a customer may examine getting more views than any other page. Of course, users don’t always enter a website from the homepage. People can follow links from search engines and other websites to the interior pages. However, one of the first things the users do after linking to the unknown website is go to the homepage. Deep linking is very useful, but it doesn’t give users the site overview a homepage offers.


Starting the page with a tagline that gives the users a fill-in about what your company does, especially if you are new or not yet well-known. Even famous companies try to attract new customers and hope to tell first-time visitors about the website’s purposes. It is especially important to have a good tagline if your company’s general advertising slogan fails to explain the users your products or services.

Finding out about the company is not a user’s primary goal, but sometimes people do need details about who you are. Make the corporate information clear and emphasize the website’s top high-priority tasks. Search is an important part of any big website. When users want to search, they typically scan the homepage looking for “the little box where I can type,” so your search should be a box.

Don’t just decorate the page with pretty pictures. Image is a powerful communication tool that can destroy your website if it seems frivolous or irrelevant or grab the world attention.

A good first impression is vital to your business’ site, and you only have one chance, and just several seconds, to make it.