We already know exactly what you want to ask: “Really? Does web design matter that much?” The answer to this question is that it certainly matters, just as much as any other important features and parts. We’d like to show you the magical powers of web design.

How do I make my customers trust me?

First of all, your web design should be pleasant, attractive and memorable. Secondly, it shouldn’t contain too many ads and promotions, as they could think that you want only their money. Thirdly, text shouldn’t be written in a small font because this can make your customers suspicious.

I have a modern web design, does the content still matter?

Of course the content of your website matters. Our purpose is to make a great first impression with web design and after that you should make your customer stay. How? It’s possible with high quality content. Don’t overload your customers with information and don’t forget to use keywords to make your text effective for search engines.

 Will my web design help my branding?

 That’s for sure. Your customers will associate your products with your logo if your logo is implemented into your design in an effective way. A great tip is to put your logo in the upper left hand corner to make it more noticeable.

More tips

Your website should be user friendly and easy to use. One of the ways to make it this way is to make navigation within your website. Remember that your navigation should help clients not puzzle them. In case your website is simple and easy to use, your customers will be satisfied with finding all the necessary information quickly and they will make purchases fast.

Our team is sure that now you have a better understanding of the influence of web design. Make sure that you trust it to professionals.