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Whether it is for interior or exterior, our 3D visualization services is considered to be the top notch. Our 3D visualization has been very helpful for our clients who are looking out of houses. It helps in the assessment of the details that should be included and the specifications that are not required before the final verdict is produced.

There are four different steps involved in the 3D visualization process carried out by our team of skilled and experienced specialists. Let us have a look at the different steps.


Often it is important to get hold of the imagery of a particular terrain or location along with other vital GIS details, though this is an optional step. It usually demands for Land XML export or configuring shape files in CIVIL 3D for .dwg export. This is a challenging step and cannot be handled successfully if the professional involved in it is not experienced and knowledgeable enough. Thanks to our team of experts, who have years of experience in the domain and thus with adequate R&D, they can efficiently carry out the program.

3D Modeling

Often there are junctures where CAD works in included as a part of the 3D visualization process. 3D modeling is not necessarily required to have the CAD data as the base, but need to frame from the CAD files in certain situations. Apart from being a project modeled in 3D and imported as objects, 2D import is also available as a component of the 3D modeling method. There are a wide number of 3D modeling program tools like Revit, Civil 3D, 3ds Max, Microstation, etc. that is in use in the civil engineering domain.

Rendering or visualization

Starting from lighting, environmental mapping, animated characters and vehicles and many more are a part of this 3D visualization process. In case you are utilizing the game engines for your interaction and visualization presentation, you will get to know that the process is distinct from 3D modeling and relatively easier as well. Lemons can quickly offer the environmental setting, texturing and animating. But there are times when you have to use the 3D modeling programs like 3ds Max, though Lumion will cater to the demands at this step.


Editing is one of the final but most important steps involved in the 3D visualization process. Photoshop is mainly used for the image editing.  While you are editing the videos, the raw files are combined together with music, titles and even includes live video shots. Extra effects can be delivered using software like AfterEffects and your videos will reach the next level.

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