170 Moreland street
Staten Island, New York
10306 United States


Quote Number QUO-0003
Quote Date
Total $9,360.00
Simon Shawntee

The main goal is to design and develop a corporate website to present own production in the Internet.

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
68.00 Prototype

Creating a mockups for all pages, developing a documentation and drawing a web design

80.00 Beta version

Implement the basic functionality, develop the markup and create the website structure

80.00 MVP version

Develop minimum valuable product with responsive markup and main functionality

92.00 Production version

Performing the complex quality assurance, optimization of load speed and filling up the website with content

Sub Total $8,000.00
Tax $1,360.00
Total Due $9,360.00

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