I used FDS-IT to revamp my website and they fixed a plugin that had a bug in less than 10 hours. We had a few hiccups at first but nothing out of the ordinary. For more than 5 weeks I had to be in touch with FDS-IT support and they were supportive and considerate, answering to all my questions and offering suggestions while showing professional confidence that puts a customer at ease. My website is able to speak for itself how good this company is! Not only I am dazzled with the outcome but I also learnt how to update everything on my end as well so I can make changes as needed.



Great company that is quick to get back to you and understands all your needs. I worked with these guys in New York on building out my promotions website. I have been able to get work done within 3 weeks. This company is amazing!



After several months of working with FDS-IT, our website was just completed. They were patient with our process, never pushy to finish and helped us understand the process. I found their prices to be reasonable as well.



Great job creating a new logo and brand guide for our nonprofit. We were impressed by the creativity of this company work and the careful thought that went into their design process. The job went extremely smoothly and came in right on schedule (which was tight.)



Perfect! Thank u guys for quick response and wonderful work. I love my new website. Actually, I like all u’ve done! U’re the best web-development company!



Very quick response and turn around time. Very creative and took all my feedback and worked very well with me. Did a really great job with creating my logo!

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This company has created a wonderful web design for my website, which had looked like a Power Point presentation before. Happily, web designers from FDS-IT gave my internet platform a decent look, which caused business promotion and increased sales successfully! Thanks a lot!

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2 years ago I founded a small curtains shop, but sales were sluggish. 3 months ago I suddenly realized that I need a website, where customers can see the whole range of goods. I applied to this company, provided all the necessary information and a team of professionals created a perfect website for me. FDS-IT web development gave me many new customers. Thank you so much!

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Every time I look at the 3D visualizations on my website, I recollect your team! Thanks to your skillful 3d modeling, my Internet platform became lively and interesting. Now there are more visitors and orders, so I’m incredibly happy! Thank you for your professionalism and creativity.

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Thanks to FDS-IT’s digital marketing our brand became recognized by a very wide audience! Thank you for the developed techniques that allow you to reach the target audience even in “offline environment”. We really appreciate that you use both well-known methods of digital marketing, as well as unique ones. If not for you, we would still be an obscure local company.